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JHF was a skate crew I started in 1998 in Tehachapi, CA with my friends for our little skate scene. I wanted it to be something positive because I felt like we were at that stage of skateboarding where breaking boards out of anger was a regular occurrence. I remember getting mad once not being able to land a trick and focused a somewhat new board in front of a younger kid whose board was in shambles. He would have loved that board, but I broke it for no good reason while doing something that’s supposed to be FUN.  From then on I would scratch JHF into my grip on every board as a reminder to JUST HAVE FUN and not to stress. This Motto became something I began to try to live my life by. We get one life to live and you need to enjoy it as much as possible. 

It became a cool little movement for our skate community. One of the little guys that would come skate with us was a 7-8 year old Boo Johnson. Boo was always down for JHF and kept pushing the movement long after I moved from Tehachapi. We both found our own way into the skate industry and have kept in touch.

One day Boo came into Grizzly and said “I want to start a hat company” but we didn’t build much on that idea. He then proceeded to make a few hat samples with our JHF crew logo and received an amazing response from friends and skaters wherever he went. We finally came up with a little game plan to get the business built by licensing the brand through Grizzly Griptape.

Our childhood dream is becoming a reality, JUST HAVE FUN.

- Lumbo

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